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85_DSC_9912  bunny race entry 091507.jpg 86_DSC_0819 US Flag building side011406.jpg 90_DSC_3333 tree reflection Parade 001a 041407.jpg 92_DSC_6629 waterfall 071307_3.jpg 95_DSC_0434 Ranken Jordan nite 010706.jpg 96_DSC_0281 sunset 002 010706.jpg 96_DSC_2117 sunset Creve Coeur lake 110807.jpg 96_DSC_3555 sunset Creve Couer 120307.jpg 72_DSC_6866 Cross window sunligh on wall and floor 002 FT 041808.jpg 10_DSC_6914 huge daisy like orange 042008.jpg 10_DSC_7107 Tulip orange 002 042468.jpg 51_DSC_7248 canada gooslings 050908.jpg 54_DSC_7766 WBS turkey vulture 001 051708.jpg 64_DSC_2937 Arch framing historic courthouse 081908.jpg 64_DSC_3193 MOBOT reflected poles sculptures 112307.jpg 64_DSC_4487 Ameracas Center blu sky 012608.jpg 64_DSC_4740 Arch sunset 001 012608.jpg 64_DSC_4749 STLAS Arch at night 008 012608.jpg
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