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10_100_0582 violet flower 071405.jpg 10_100_2260 yellow with dew 0928051.jpg 10_DSC_0630 just opening daisy red 072508.jpg 10_DSC_2188 yellow fading macro sharp to soft  081708.jpg 10_DSC_2219 opening daisy 001 081708.jpg 10_DSC_2970 orange like bird paradise 082408.jpg 10_DSC_5306 tiny white orchard 001 022908.jpg 10_DSC_6914 huge daisy like orange 002 042008.jpg 10_DSC_7211 impatient yellow brown 050508.jpg 10_DSC_7213 impatient violet 050508.jpg 10_DSC_7214 impatient blue 050508.jpg 10_DSC_5301 violet orchid 001 MOBOT 022908.jpg 10_DSC_5314 Mobot orchid show violet 001 022908.jpg 10_DSC_5420 Mobot orchid show violet 001 022908.jpg 10_DSC_6425 red daisy macro 101908.jpg 10_DSD0617 orange daisy part others PUCC 012809.jpg 10_DSD0660 inside lily pollen inside 002 012809.jpg 10_DSD0664 inside lily pollen inside 003 012809.jpg
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