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10_DSC_4791 yellow bloom 050406.jpg 10_DSC_4806 yellow bloom Grants 050606.jpg 10_DSC_4807 blue and purple bloom Grants 050606.jpg 10_DSC_5185 yellow bloom 050706.jpg 10_DSC_5223 yellow 050706.jpg 10_DSC_5641 yellow and pink flower 051106.jpg 10_DSC_5957 red flat flower 052706.jpg 10_DSC_5968 orange round flower 052706.jpg 10_DSC_6141 field day lilies 060506.jpg 10_DSC_6307 wet day lily 060706.jpg 10_DSC_6384 single silky blue flower 061106.jpg 10_DSC_6965 violet macro 062306.jpg 10_DSC_7348 orange bird of para 071307.jpg 10_DSC_7929 white flower 071906.jpg 10_DSC_8344 red flower macro 073006.jpg 10_DSC_8375 pink macro 080606.jpg 10_DSC_8437 fuschia flower macro 081306.jpg 10_100_0060 zoo flower 0706041.jpg
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