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BI 17 The Resurection 4x6 72_DSC_7638 070806.jpg BI 18 The Ascension 4x6 72_DSC_7641 070806.jpg BI 19 Gethsemane 72_DSC_6159 old sanc behind pews 01 4x6 SGW 032108.jpg BI 20 Rock of ages 72_DSC_6162 old sanc behind pews 02 4x6 SGW 032108.jpg BI 21 half round window 4x6 72_DSC_7643 070806.jpg BI 23 Vine covered cross 4x6 72_DSC_7647 070806.jpg BI 24 Alpha and Omega window 72_DSC_6053 old sanc choir south wall 6x4 SGW 031408.jpg BI 25 anchorwindow old sanc choir south wall 4x6 SGW 031408.jpg BI 26 Cross and the Crown window 72_DSC_6191 HDR merge old sanc choir west wall 4x6 SGW 032108.jpg
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