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Stained glass
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93_100_0527 stained glass swirl 071405.jpg 72_DSC_7952 dove stained glass on floor PUCC 051808.jpg BI22 BI8B DSC_7648_7654 4X6 070806.jpg BI 1Cross window sunlight colors 72_DSC_6866 Cross window sunligh on wall and floor 4x6 041808.jpg BI 2 Old Testament_72_DSC_4338 new sanctuary first NE SG window 4x6 011308.jpg BI 3 Jesus window DSC_0663 4x6 101606.jpg BI 4 New Testament window 4x6 DSC_0669 100606.jpg BI 5 Cross window 4X6 72_DSC_0667 100606.jpg BI 6 Revelation window 4x6 72_DSC_4340_new_sanctuary_choir_SG_window_011208.jpg BI 7 History Tower window 4x6 DSC_0672 100606.jpg BI 9 Birth of Christ window 4x6 72_DSC_7627 070806.jpg BI 10 The Holy Family window 4x6 72_DSC_7628 070806.jpg BI 11 Christ in the Temple window 4x6 72_DSC_7631 070806.jpg BI 12 The baptism of Jesus 4x6 72_DSC_7633 070806.jpg BI 13 The Good Shepard 4x6 72_DSC_7654 070806.jpg BI 14 Christ Blessing the children 72_DSC_6050 old sanc choir left4x6 SGW 031408.jpg BI 15 Jesus knocking at the door 4x6 72_DSC_7635 070806.jpg BI 16 The Crucifixion 4x6 72_DSC_7637 070806.jpg
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